CANADA GOOSE Mens WindBridge Hoody & WindBridge Full Zip Sweater

WindBridge Hoody

Men's WindBridge Hoody | Canada Goose

Stay warm with a fitted crewneck sweater in breathable ultra-fine Merino wool. Thermal Mapping® technology helps to moderate your temperature in areas that are proven to overheat. The Rutledge is finished with a military-inspired patch pocket, as well as textured detailing along the front and back sleeves for abrasion-resistant protection when carrying heavy gear.

WindBridge Full Zip Sweater

Men's WindBridge Full Zip Sweater | Canada Goose

Embrace the elements wearing an exceptionally crafted sweater in durable fabric complemented by ultra-fine Merino wool. Reinforced collar, that lends an extra layer of defense against high winds and unpredictable weather. Thermal Mapping® technology under the arms and along the upper back helps to promote temperature moderation and airflow.